Green Screen Queen

The options with a green screen are endless. We had a really fun shoot and the video was all done in the studio which saved us endless hours of travel. We called this shoot - "Stay Away from Freight Trains".  We were promoting our Spray Harder hairspray. Our clients ask us what they should wear when we film them in front of a green screen, in which we reply with what they can’t wear.

1. No shade of green should be worn in front of a green screen unless you want to be a floating head.  This also goes for white or black backgrounds.  In front of a white background you should not wear white or light colors and in front of a black background; black or dark colors.  The reason for this is because through the lens of the camera, the white shirt you are wearing and the white background may blend together, once again virtually making you a floating head.

2. You should not wear anything with stripes, patterns, or anything shiny or reflective.  These may result in a waving pattern or shimmer in the video because of the way the camera captures the image and the outcome looks unnatural.

Hopefully this advise is helpful for your green screen adventures.

Emily Panek, B. The Product

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