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Mahri Martens Tomas, Founder of Martens Tomas


We often hear from customers who want thicker hair, but don't want their already thin hair damaged by adding extensions. We understand this concern and have seen what careless application and removal has done to hair. There are countless hair extension options on the market, but try to find someone who will take the time and care to create a high quality solution just for you. That's why we want you to meet: 

Mahri Martens Tomas, Founder of Martens Tomas

Fabulous Hair is what Martens Tomas is all about.  For the last 24 years they have been developing and perfecting hair extension procedures that can transform your hair.  If you simply want more hair- yours can be enhanced, thickened, or lengthened.  If your needs are more complex- they can address stress and medical related hair issues, genetic hair problems, or damage associated with traditional hair extensions.


Martens Tomas recognizes that their clients are unique and have very different hair challenges.  Martens Tomas offers several solutions that can be adapted to each client, making every hair transformation completely custom. You can expect nothing but the highest quality with all of their products and, in addition, they focus on preserving and improving the health of your own hair.  Your needs are their first priority and no matter which option or options you choose, the entire process will be tailored for you from start to finish. 


Martens Tomas is affiliated with plastic surgeons and does work out of their offices. Among the main affiliations are Haworth Institute in Beverly Hills, CA and The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Denver, CO.  Unable to come to Martens Tomas, they can arrange to come to your location. And, of course, they maintain the utmost consideration for your privacy.

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