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Carrie Anne Moss | Annapurna Living

There's nothing like the almighty house call when it comes to getting your hair blow-dried in the city! Last week, I had the best time shaping and styling the gorgeous hair of my long time friend and client, the beautiful Carrie Anne Moss. It seems like only yesterday when I was on Third Street in Los Angeles @ The Parlour Salon in West Hollywood ten years ago. She had just had her first child and my son Dylan was about to be born. Working at the Parlour was like walking on a tight rope. Let's just say it was a wild and crazy time with lot's of different personalities! It's was where I received my first magazine write up,  styled my first celebrity, and filmed a reality show all while my son was on his way. The beautiful Carrie Anne Moss, who was a familiar face at the salon, trusted me with her most important accessory, and let's just say she hasn't gotten rid of me yet.

What's she up to now? Check out her new website, Annapurna Living

Anna means food and grains. Purna means full, complete and perfect. Annapurna ... is the symbol for the One who grants nourishment on every level. Annapoorna symbolises the divinity of nourishing care. When food is cooked with a spirit of holiness, it becomes alchemy.

— Aparna Chatterjee

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