What A Beautiful Sunday In LA | Goodbye To Snowy Weather Forever!

 If the were to make a movie about my life, They would have to call it, "Back On Fairfax."
You would definitely have to get a great screenwriter, as this shit is way too good to just makeup.

 Twas the story of a young, wild hairdresser. The ex-reality villain turned product owner. Blow-drys in hills, billionaires everywhere, chasing blondes like the LAPD chases suspects, and slanging shampoo like a high-end gang banger on the most high-end streets. I was made for Hollywood and Hollywood was made for me! Anybody who really knows me, knows that to be true. The Universe wants me here for sure. So through divorce, Denver and almost going under, you could say I'm seasoned like a slab of Cajun baby back ribs about to hit the BBQ!

 Now that I'm home, my has the landscape changed for old B-Dog. A lot more appreciation that's for sure. In fact total appreciation! Now I see why people who move here from somewhere else usually miss the place they're from. It finally happened to me. Thankfully it was only for six months!

Why I'm still around? My hair clients and loyal B. The Product customers. Without all of you I am nothing.
Love and appreciate you all!
Happy Sunday!
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