Blonde Bombshell

Through the years of never ending highlights, bleach and toners, getting the the perfect blonde is an exact science! I was fortunate to have started my apprenticeship at a very prestigious color salon called Louis Licari in Beverly Hills. There I saw the, "King Of Color," busy at work doing sometimes twenty-five people a day! I've had never seen someone work as hard as Louis. Even when he would get injured playing sports because he is an avid athlete, he would still come in and work, cast and all! It was here that I thought about the Blonde 365. I knew then that women didn't have the know-how, or access to effective, blonde enhancing shampoos. I know there are drug store type blonde shampoos, but nothing that had any real power behind it. I wanted a shampoo that would literally zap the orange right out of the blonde, without making the hair too ashy. It took some time but I feel we got it right! The Blonde 365 is a powerful, blonde enhancing shampoo that you only need to use once a week max! When your blonde starts to feel brassy, it will wash that yellow right out! The Blonde 365 is also great for Brunettes who want to keep their hair more chocolate and creamy, then reddish-brown. The Blonde 365 is available all the time at B. The

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