High Powered Skin Wants B. Devoted #Advanced_Skincare

I appreciate my clients so much! This vanity here filled with products, as well as her new B. Devoted #Advanced_Skincare line, created by yours truly, belongs to one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood. Although I won't kiss and tell, she's a fucking legend! She also knows great product when she sees, or in this case, feels it. It's such a compliment to my products when my clients, who really can afford anything, choose B. The Product, or in this case, B. Devoted. When PW, my client tried B. Devoted, she immediately saw a difference in the way the products felt, the immediate results and the great price. The proof is in the pudding, or should I say, in the eye cream?

Not a bad first day out for B. Devoted ‪#‎advanced_skincare‬ already on the vanity of one of the biggest producers in ‪#‎Hollywood,‬ Thanks PW, you're the best!! #‎goodsummer‬ ‪#‎housecall ‪#‎whatyouneed?
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