Are Your Curls Not Holding? Pro Tip From Celebrity Hair Stylist Brandon Martinez to Hold the Curl!

Are your curls not holding?

Pro Tip—form Celebrity Hair Stylist Brandon Martinez...

"Before using the curling iron, I spray the hair lightly with our Spray or Spray Harder hair sprays then I use my 1-1/4 in. Hot Tools Curling Iron and make sure to alternate the curls from right to left all around the head."

Most girls worry a hot tool will damage their hair but that's wrong. Using hairspray first always provides four benefits:

1) Holds the Curl
2) Protects the Curl
3) Illuminates the Curl
4) Cuts the time in Half

Check-out @btheproduct for some Vanity Fair, 2017 Oscar's looks using this same technique. Get Brandon's Spray or Spray Harder as featured in InStyle and Genlux Magazines at B The Product.

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