Protect Your Hair from the Sun Using Sun Out from B The Product


We all know that you are supposed to protect your skin from sun damage. You apply sunblock before being exposed to the sun, and lather your skin in lotions after. What we often forget is that our hair needs similar protection, treatment, and conditioning when being exposed to UV rays.


Using Sun Out from B The Product


Sun Out is a detangler and conditioning spray created by stylist Brandon Martinez to help you protect your hair from the sun. Whether you are spending a day on the beach or simply running around town completing errands, the sun is affecting your hair.


The heat and the UV rays can cause your hair to feel dry and damaged, while also causing your hair color to fade. To prevent this from happening, you can apply Sun Out, which is essentially a vitamin spray designed to give your hair more of a defense.


In addition to other vitamins, Sun Out contains:


  • Benzophenone-4 to protect against UV damage
  • Rosa canina extract to moisturize, add volume, and condition the hair
  • Aloe Vera to sooth and condition the scalp, while promoting hair growth
  • Wheat proteins to strength the hair and increase its ability to retain moisture


Protecting Your Hair During the Styling Process


Sun Out is a great product to spray onto your damp hair before styling, for conditioning, and as a detangler that can make the process easier. The vitamins and nutrients within the spray can also give your hair protection against the heated styling tools you are about to use.


Dyeing, drying, flat ironing, and curling your hair can take quite a toll on your follicles, resulting in dry, damaged hair and split ends. Return moisture, volume, and strength to your hair, and protect your hair from the sun, using Sun Out.



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