We Dare You To Try It! NO MASCARA!

Sayonara, mascara! One of the biggest trends on the runway, and we dare you to try it!

A bright coral lip, can balance out the lack of eye makeup.  Major designers- Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs and more - decided to forgo full lashes this spring. We think ditching the quintessential lashes produce a surprisingly  unique and wearable look. Read on for our step-by-step guide.

Step 1- Apply foundation as usual- make sure to cover up dark circles with concealer.

Step 2 - Curl your lashes. It helps to open up the eyes.

Step 3 - Groom the brows.

Step 4 - Apply a sweep of neutral color to eyes.

Step 5 - Apply lipstick.


Emily shampooed with Blonde 365 to brighten highlights, followed by Conditioned Perfected. She applied Leave It In while hair was damp to help detangle and protect hair before drying and applying a flat iron.


Source: www.btheproduct.com

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