Be Prepared For Anything | Award Season And Last Minute Changes

I've never been in the pit of a race car crew, but I could only imagine that it's very similar to being on a glam squad for a celebrity! You have to be super-fast and be prepared for anything. Sometimes the star won't even know what dress she is wearing till the very last minute. Just like in this case when I did Elle one year for the Golden Globes. Here she is in a Dolce Gabbana dress that's so sexy on her. It literally came to us thirty minutes before she walked out to the car to take her to the Awards. Talk about trusting the designers! If I've ever done your hair you know that especially when it comes to styling, I'm really fast! Now it's just natural for me to do the hair quickly because as we all know, women are always in a hurry! It's also the reason why the products in my line are all so lightweight. Heavy products never do well for a stylist like myself. My clients want sexy, moveable hair like what I did in this picture. Everything from my Dry Cleaned-Dry Shampoo, to The Leave It In, to my Spray Harder is effective, lightweight and movable. I developed B. The Product ON THE JOB so you will always find that B. The Product styles the best out of any other haircare brand on the market.

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