I Opt For Hot

When in doubt, hot is never out! I always want to make my girls look the sexiest as possible. Intricate hair-doos are all good, but I always opt for the hot. I'm getting kind of tired of women 40 and up asking me if they can still grow their hair out. The answer has always been the same girls, YES!!!! 40's, 50's 90's it's all good! Stop letting your girlfriend, mother or mother-in-law tell you you can't! Whoever that person is in your life who tells you that shit, is fucking sabotaging you! Hair should never be age appropriate. Men notice beautiful long hair, period. Now I'm not hating on my short hair girls, but when it comes to what you want, do what's in your heart. That's how I approach every haircut and it hasn't let me down yet.

Wendi Deng | Cosmopolitan Magazine China
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