Texture And Shine

I'm all about texture and shine! Anytime I'm called in for a wedding or a photo shoot where it requires me to put hair up, I jump at the opportunity to show off my skills, and my products skills, as they were so made for this kind of work! As we know skills pay the bills! Here's a wedding I did at the Four Season's Beverly Hills. I always try to make sure that the hair looks sweepy and flowy so when the hair is photographed, the lines work perfectly with the light and the bone structure. My Spray and Spray Harder are called in for serious back up, especially when it's eight girls or more! Unless the hair is super frizzy, I don't even blow dry it. I immediately start to wrap the hair in, not so perfect sections using a 3/4 inch Hot Tools Barrel. Spray the section of hair first, then wrap the hair. Do this all over the head, then randomly pull pieces to the back and pin where desired. Keep the curls sweepy as you pull them back. This hairstyle is done better when you don't overthink it.

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