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What's so great about the Leave It in?

Leave It In – The Best Leave In Conditioner for All Hair Types 

To make our hair look great, we dye it different colors, wash it, blow dry it, curl it, tease it, straighten it, and much more. Ironically, many of the things we do to style our hair actually cause it damage over the long run. This is why it is necessary to apply a leave in conditioner that will protect your hair, while leaving your hair soft and silky.

B The Product Wants You to Leave It In

Leave It In is the name of a lightweight conditioner from B The Product, which is suitable for all hair types. If you have thick, wavy hair, you might not have trouble finding a suitable conditioner, but people with fine hair can often have trouble finding one that does not leave their hair feeling weighed down and greasy.

What makes Leave It In the best leave in conditioner is that it protects and strengthens hair without weighing it down. This one hair product performs many different functions, including:

Moisturizing and rebuilding dry, damaged hair
Protecting the scalp and hair from heat and other sources of damage
Seals in moisture
Acts as a detangler, making it perfect for wet combing
Reduces static electricity in hair
Leaves hair soft and silky

This light weight conditioner contains many nourishing ingredients, including aloe Vera, hydrolyzed silk, and many others that work to keep hair strong and beautiful.

Using Leave It In Is Simple

It is not difficult to work the best leave in conditioner into your styling routine. While your hair is still damp, simply spray your hair with the conditioner. Do not be afraid to fully saturate your hair, as this product is great for all hair types, and it is so lightweight that applying too much is not an issue.


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