Always The Salesman

I never miss an opportunity to plug the living crap out of B. The Product any chance I get! Put me in front of some TV cameras and it's ON! Here we are for Access Hollywood, where I am supposed to be talking about Kim Kardashian, and how to get one of her many hairstyles. Of course I gangster myself in with my Spray, and how it great it holds and how you need this hairspray to get Kim's slick-tight pony-tail. All of a sudden the on-camera reporter forgets all about who were talking about and really hones in on the hairspray! She loved the fact that my hairsprays aren't sticky, crunchy or stiff. Needless to say, I think I did her hair better than Kim Kardashian's looked on TV, but either way, B. The Product gained a new customer!

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