B. The Product And Neiman Marcus

Back in the days doing the B. The Product | Neiman Marcus events was a special time for me. It was supposed to be a dream come true. Reality TV personality gets products into Neiman Marcus! I was like a blow drying drug dealer, traveling the country pushing my B. The Product into every mall of America. Who knew that the tattooed bad boy from Blowout, the misfit Warren Beauty rip-off, would get his shit into Neiman fucking Marcus! I did it alright. I'm sure I did about 2500 blowdrys in the course of five years for loyal Neiman Marcus shoppers as they fought for their Beauty Bags, or In Circle points. Either way, when I was in town there was a line for me and it was fun! These women in Texas, Virginia, Arizona and California knew that when I came to town, that hair would be off the hook! I can't forget my Newport Beach Girls! I see you on Instagram! It was the Brandon show all over the US.

Unfortunately, it nearly cost me everything. Due to the big retailers excessive charge backs, marketing fees, travel costs and everything else that comes with. Samples, gratis, greasing the sales girls etc... I was in Neiman Marcus but could barely pay my rent. On one hand, the buyers are loving you because you're selling, but on the other hand you're dying because the stores end up with 70% of your money! Well those days are long gone now. The Wynn And Encore Casino in Las Vegas serves as our exclusive retailer and http://www.btheproduct.com is the only other on-line outlet which include our Amazon and Ebay selling pages. It still all funnels into one deal now, me! Neiman Marcus, Dillards, Nordstrom.com and Walgreens/Duane Reade made it difficult for a brand like mine to succeed when they cost so much to do business with. Sales wasn't the issue. It's what they cost you to just be there. God forbid you make a mistake with your shipping. Neiman Marcus would charge you $1100 for short shipping one bottle. That's no joke! One thing I noticed while on the road was that the malls are drying up and closing down. I knew that e-commerce was going to be the future and malls in America will eventually close down. So that's what we've done! No more big retailers, no more big headaches! Just simple and fast order and delivery to our ever so loyal B. The Product customers who I appreciate more than anything. You are the ones that kept me in business when I was being quickly squashed by the overwhelming, overcharging retailers. I love and appreciate all of you! Don;t forget that we are giving a free 2oz. Sun Out with every order right now only at http://www.btheproduct.com.

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