B. The Product Owner Brandon Martinez Shoots Fashion Photography On The Streets Of Hollywood

Okay so I'm a control freak. I just absolutely love shooting photography for my brand and am so appreciative that I can. Fortunately I don't have to go far. Now that I am back in Hollywood, the never ending city backdrops keep calling out to me every time a shoot a new model. I think I wear these models out as I just want to shoot and shoot. The craziness of the streets, the painted walls every time I turn a new corner. It feeds me in ways that only an artist with a hunger to do dope shit would understand. Fairfax is a dirty, interesting, colorful and eclectic street and that's exactly the fuc@&?! way I like it!

This shoot, B. The Product is promoting the Sun Out, Leave It In and The Dry Cleaned. With Summer on it's way girls that have curly hair need moisture, shine and bounce. A great Dry Shampoo never hurts for the in betweens. Especially if you're a dirty girl.

Hugs and blowouts
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