Billionaire Island

Now I know what your asking yourself. "Why is B. wearing board shorts, and why is his tan looking so damn good? Is this work?"

I know it looks casual but this gig, so far in my career was my longest, biggest job to date. Longest meaning I was there for a week. Biggest, meaning the biggest production as far as weddings that I have done.

It's not everyday you get flown on a G5 to an non-disclosed location, then taking another little plane to another non-disclosed location, only to be in total paradise for five days straight.

I don't kiss and tell, but what I will say about this wedding is that having a Lobster Tail salad on a huge Yacht, beats any Lobster Tail salad in any restaurant I've ever been to. If you come into a few hundred million, I definitely recommend scoring a Yacht for yourself. It's quite fabulous!

Who is this guy? Only one of the founders of Google, Sergey Brin.
Sergey didn't know who I was because I came through the bride. The brides friend hustled me in for  the gig. I always wondered what these guys think of me when I would show up to do the hair. They would always give me a look like they were expecting a different looking hairstylist. What's always good is that I have been so fortunate and appreciative that the husbands do stay with me, and they become my regulars. I've racked up some nice male, power clients over the years and I take lessons from all of them as much as possible.

I'm also very appreciative of the fact that during this time I was developing B. The Product. The actual hairsprays in my line and the Waxd were tested on this island. I knew that I was going to a pretty humid part of the world, so I took full advantage of the situation and made sure I was prepared with my then, pre-SPRAY, pre-SPRAY HARDER samples. Looking back, did I think about the fact that B. The Product was being tested on some of the richest people in the world? No. I've always had the ability to approach everyone as if they're just a head of hair. I detach who they are as people and totally focus on my skills and ability. It's what's gotten me through some pretty HAIRY situations and I am blessed to have made it through. That's appreciation.
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