Brassy Hair Haunting You?

Did we have a slip-up at the colorist? No worries. B. The Product makes the best, most gentle, beige toning shampoo for brassy hair. Not just for blondes, The Blonde 356 will take a brassy, brunette mess, and turn those tones into rich and creamy heaven. The Blonde 365 basically takes red tones, and makes them beige tones, with one quick shampoo.

Never tried a product like this before?

Here's how you use the Blonde 365. Receive a free 2oz Blonde 365 right now at


What's in it:
  • Wheat Proteins: Strengthens and moisturizes hair, while increasing your hair’s ability to retain moisture.
  • Soy Proteins: Strengthens and mends hair fiber. Adds shine and smoothens hair.
  • Witch Hazel: Balances moisture levels, reduces inflammation, reduces frizz, and adds shine.
  • Wild Chamomile Extract: Enhances the color of blonde hair. Soothes the scalp.

Key Features: 
  • Strengthens and moisturizes hair
  • Helps hair retain moisture
  • Prevents blondes and brunettes from becoming brassy
  • Enhances color of blonde hair §Reduces inflammation
  • Fights against free-radical damage
  • Take-out/prevent natural greys from yellowing 

Shampoo as normal. Leave in for 5 minutes and rinse out. Use once a week.
*Do not use on over- processed hair. Do not keep in hair longer than five minutes
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