Coffee Is A Must!

I know that everyone thinks I have this stellar personality. "Wow Brandon, you're so ON, all the time!" Well it's really because I'm friggin jacked all day on Columbia's finest. I go through two pots a day easy before I hit the boxing gym at 7am. Get home, back to work, another pot. Say I do a house call that night at 5pm somewhere in the city. If my client offers me a coffee, I'm definitely saying yes! Here I am shooting photos for the brand on the street, in the Summer on Fairfax and I had to have my coffee to go. Funny thing after this shoot my nice chrome coffee mug disappeared on me. You never know what could happen out here. It's a friggin jungle! The guy holding the camera had to take this snap of me downing my java like it was my last in between shots. I don't know why I'm sharing this with all of you. Maybe because my soon to be filled coffee pot it sounding quite delicious at the moment.
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