Fun In The Sun

 Since I live in Hollywood, I take advantage of all the out-door activities that are available to me as much as possible. Being a busy product owner, I'm always doing double-duty. Working out and working on the tan at the same time is just how I roll. Even though I'm half Mexican and my skin does get brown, I still have to watch it as far as how much sun my skin can take. It's the same with my hair. I always keep these things in mind when I'm developing products. I like adding ingredients that heal and protect from harsh UV rays. Believe it or not, I have to color my own hair and nothing is worse for hair color, than the bright sun beating down on it. Nothing worse than a guy who colors his hair and it looks orange. In LA we call that Chola orange! My B. Perfected shampoo and conditioner have UV absorbers, so after shampoo and conditioning, the UV absorbers protect and strengthen the hair from harsh sunlight that will fade the color and make your hair orange.
When I completed development on the Perfected shampoo and conditioner, I noticed an immediate change in how long my hair color would last. Another great product if you if you have a lifestyle like mine is the Sun Out. If I was a girl I wouldn't walk out the door without this product, especially if I had highlights! Don't be the girl who is out in the sun all day, you get some breakage, and you blame your stylist! Girl, you need to protect those highlights so they don't turn into fry-lights! Active ingredient in the Sun Out is Benzophenone-4: Protects hair and scalp from UV damage.

Now with the launch of B. Devoted #Advanced_Skincare, products like the Radiate, which is making my skin softer than a baby's ass, no shit!!! This product combats free radical and sun damage, using Vitamin C & Ferulic Acid. My skin has never been so smooth and crisp! I've even noticed that since I have been using my B. Devoted, like a devoted follower, my tan is much more of a deeper brown than red. This is due to the immediate anti-aging effects that B. Devoted brings to the table. What good is the product, if it doesn't work on the owner? So far, I'm giving myself a 10+! This B. Devoted line is truly special!
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