Hair And Photography!

Bridging the gap between Photography and Beauty has been an amazing adventure on so many levels! As a hairstylist, I never just wanted to do haircuts, or just do color. I have always wanted to create the entire picture. Now I can, literally! Being able to jump in and fix the hair on my own shoot is priceless! What's even more priceless is that I can use my own product to style the hair.

 Here is a head shot I took for Catalyst Solutions in Denver, Colorado. Regardless of these pictures being corporate head shots, I always want to make my subjects look as sexy as possible. I blew her hair out with my Leave It In, Leave In Conditioner, then after it was dry before shoot time, I wrapped her hair with and inch-an-a-quarter Hot Tools curling iron while spraying my Spray Harder, firm-hold hairspray on each section. Those two products are the reason for the amazing shine and bounce that the hair had during our Catalyst Solutions photo shoot.

Brandon Martinez
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