Hey Carrie Anne!

So many hairstylists from all over the country and the world have asked me what it's like to have clients who are famous. That's kind of a trick question. I can really only tell you about my experience. Way back in the days, before my ten year old existed, this beautiful person came into my life and became my first, "celebrity client." I am happy and privileged to say that Carrie Ann still calls me when she needs me after all this time. You hear nightmare stories of celebrities throwing tantrums on their hair and makeup people all the time. I have never experienced anything like that however, I'm big on the Law Of Attraction, so I have only attracted people to who will vibe well with me. Carrie Anne is one of the nicest people I know. She's an amazing actress, friend and mother. She told me something before my son was born that has stuck with me for the last ten years. She told me that, "babies bring bank accounts." Looking back I feel like this was my introduction into the Law Of Attraction. So amazing that the birth of a baby will trigger the Universe to bring you more wealth so you can take care of that child. Sure enough, after Dylan was born, I became much busier and haven't stopped since. So my experience styling celebrities? It's been more like, I have been styling my very good friends for the last ten years, they just so happen to be on the screen. I can honestly say that, I can tell pretty much all of my clients anything, and I know I could trust them.
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