I live For The Chaos

I find this to be a consistent pattern in my life. Here I am, surrounded by beautiful women. I didn't say it was a bad thing! Funny thing is, in a situation like this where the models and beauty people are caught up in the chaos of making the show happen, the last thing on our mind is hooking up. I mean we're all professionals here. Right? Even though fashion shows are thankless jobs that really are a labor of love. It's go, go, go, then get the fuck out! Ahh fashion, got to love it! At the end of the day it's been a great way to introduce B. The Product to the fashionistas and the High Society without being pushy. When it comes to models, either they have a lot of hair, or none at all. My hairsprays have always came to the rescue for the beautifully hair challenged. Creating volume out of thin air, or hair is one of my specialties! This girl sitting down definitely learned the meaning of Spray Harder after this fashion show. The volume never hit her so hard in her life!

B. The Product
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