No Really, You Need These, Just Not Too Much Please!!

Through the years of endless haircuts and blow drys, I've picked up a few tricks along the way. Being of aid to the hairstyling challenged, you know who you are, I can get it done faster, better and I can make it last longer. I've only tried to share these tricks, which I never hide up my sleeve with all of you that I come in contact with. The biggest tip I can give anyone about styling hair is, don't over use the product! Yes, I know I'm in the shampoo business, but when it comes to styling and creating volume, less is definitely more! Remember that we're fighting gravity here, so dumping a bunch of root-lifter on your head, just because it says root-lifter is not how it works. More product, means more weight, which means the hair is falling flat like a pancake. Products that give volume should work the best when you use a little bit. That's why the majority of the products in my line are super lightweight and really easy to use.
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