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I get it, you love to be blonde, blonde, blonde! Well, there's a price to pay for that. Just the other day my client from Pacific Palisades said her scalp was really sensitive for some reason. She said she felt like it was sunburned. Sure enough, she had sunburned her scalp from jut running her daughters around town. The SUN is no joke people, especially to color treated hair! She got sunburned because she didn't use the correct product to help block the sun from her long blonde hair in the hot, Southern California weather. She wasn't sitting still at the beach, she was moving around all day. Think about how much her hair actually burned, if her scalp was burned. I always recommend to my clients to take my Sun Out on vacation, or any time they're out in the sun! This is Hollywood and my girls want to be blonde! I protect them and their money at all cost!

What's so great about the Sun Out?

Benzophenone-4: Protects hair and scalp from UV damage
Rosa Canina Extract: Moisturizes the hair, adds density and volume, reduces dandruff, and conditions dry or damaged hair.
Panthenol: Enhances moisture and thickness of hair
Aloe Vera: Conditions the scalp, promotes hair growth, reduces dandruff, and soothes sensitive scalps.
Wheat Proteins: Strengthens and moisturizes hair, while increasing your hair’s ability to retain moisture.
Oak Bark Extract: Protects against inflammation and soothes the scalp
Key Features:

Strengthens and moisturizes hair
Protects hair and scalp from harsh UV rays
Enhances moisture and thickness of hair
Soothes the scalp
Promotes hair growth
Adds density and volume to hair
Helps rebuild over-processed hair
Protects hair during blow drying
Acts as a detangler

Spray into your hair before, during, and after exposure to the sun. Use as a detangler and as a protector during a blow out.
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