Using The Streets Of Hollywood As The Backdrop For B. The Product's Marketing

Being back on Fairfax where I belong is only another reason to believe that the Universe is in full control of my situation. The backdrops for new, fresh, edgy photos for my revived B. The Product is colorful and endless, as I take full advantage of the natural light that being on the street gives me. It's hot, it's raw, it's exactly how I like it!

It's fun re-inventing my brand, which is myself. Going from five years of marriage to newly divorced and nearly forty, couldn't feel more exciting. It's not that I didn't like marriage, but when you're an artist who's married to a bit of a control freak, it's nice to finally be able to spread your wings in the city famous for Angels. I'm proud to call myself an Angeleno. Being a local in LA is something most people here are not.

Okay, so here I'm calling my ex-wife a control freak and I'm jumping in doing the hair on my own shoot. Well, who else is gonna do it? But seriously, I appreciate everything I learned from my marriage and am for sure happy I did it. I'm by no means a bitter pill, as life now a days couldn't be better. As you can tell, shooting models on the street DOES NOT SUCK!

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