We Love Retinol!

Retinol is our friend! Sample our 0.5 B. Devoted #advanced_skincare Retinol cream with any $50 purchase right now at B. The Product.com.

What's so great about Resurface_Retinol Cream?
• Skin rejuvenating cream with 0.5% Retinol to help exfoliate and gently resurface skin for a smoother, more even complexion
• Retinol helps remove excess dead skin cells while increasing cellular turnover rate. This aids in a more even skin texture, while also increasing the effectiveness and visible result time of other anti-aging or skin lightening treatment products. The increase in cellular turnover rate simultaneously encourages collagen production, helping to improve appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Works incredibly effectively, without the common irritation normally associated with retinoids
• A must have for any anti-aging regimen
• Paraben-Free
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