Biotin Vitamin Hair Growth Conditioner-(High Potency) Biotin Conditioner For Faster Hair Growth, Anti Hair Loss Deep Treatment & Thickener, Sulfate Free with Aloe Vera & Cucumber, Pro Vitamin B5 B. THE PRODUCT | B. The Product

Biotin Hair Conditioner


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BIOTIN CONDITIONER FOR HAIR GROWTH: Grow longer, stronger, thicker hair with B. The Product's sulfate-free, anti-hair loss biotin conditioner.

HIGH POTENCY BIOTIN HAIR LOSS CONDITIONER-Our hair growth conditioner will speed up your hair growth process with our High Potency Biotin formulation making this conditioner the best for anti-hair loss. Biotin is a great anti-hair loss supplement that will prevent premature hair loss.

WORKS MIRACLES WITH THIN HAIR: Adds volume and thickness to thin, brittle hair that never grows to the length you've always desired. Strengthens the roots internally to create fullness to the base of the hair shaft.

PROTECT YOUR HAIR COLOR!: This biotin hair conditioner adds moisture and shine to the hair shaft for body and movement while protecting the hair color from fading. Our Biotin anti-loss conditioner is sulfate-free and paragon free to ensure maximum protection from hair loss and hair color fading

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!-If our Biotin hair loss conditioner does not satisfy you, you can return for a full refund through amazon customer service.


Get ready to super-charge your HAIR GROWTH! This high-performance, super-charged Biotin infused conditioner adds strength, shine, and smoothness to thin, weak hair. Regular use makes hair healthier, thicker, and fuller. Our high potency Biotin formulation prevents breakage and encourages hair growth. B. The Product Biotin conditioner is sulfate-free, Paraben-free, and has Pro-Vitamin B5 to add shine, Aloe Vera for soothing and calming, and Cucumber Extract that adds incredible moisture. B. The Product Biotin conditioner is made in California and all of our product is animal cruelty-free.