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Spray, Flexible Hold Hairspray


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What is does:

Spray from B. The Product was developed on celebrities during events like the Oscar's and The Golden Globes. This hair spray works great for medium to fine hair, adding volume and shine without making the hair feel stiff and crunchy. For a more firm hold, use the "The Spray Harder" from B. The Product.

 Created by celebrity hairstylist Brandon Martinez, B. The Product is True Hollywood Hair Care. Developed around Brandon's demanding celebrity clientele, B. The Product delivers red carpet results, while keeping the integrity of the hair. Made In California with the cleanest ingredients to keep you hair healthy, and deliver celebrity worthy results.

Key Features:

  • Medium hold that is not too harsh on your hair.
  • Works great with hot tools in order to have a more symbiotic approach to your hair
  • Adds shine that does not look or feel oily but rather natural.
  • Works for all hair types and textures and helps your hair maintain its natural look.

Usage: For soft sexy hair, spray onto entire hair shaft.  Result will be soft beautiful movie star hair.