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B. The Product

Boost Volumizing Root Lift 8oz.

Boost Volumizing Root Lift 8oz.

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Longer lasting volume & hold for thin hair

Boost Volumizing Spray adds incredible volume to hair without a stiff or tacky feel. The Boost has a long-lasting hold that lasts much longer than all other root lifters for fine hair. This volumizing root boost for thinning hair is heat-activated. Aim Boost on targeted areas where volume is needed. One shot per spot is all you need. Activate with a blow dryer for best results. Style with a round brush for added volume. B. The Product is made In California with the cleanest ingredients to keep your hair healthy and deliver celebrity-worthy results.


The Boost works great with challenging hair to help thicken and hold.


Adds volume and thickness to thin, brittle hair that never stays after blowdrying and curling.

Protects the hair shaft from damage caused by hot tools like curling irons and flat irons.


Helps protect the hair shaft from hot tools fading your hair color. Seals the cuticle for stronger, shinier hair.


Creates body and movement to medium and thick hair that tends to fall by the end of the day.

Having trouble keeping volume in your hair? CEO and creator of B. The Product, Brandon Martinez has over 20 years of experience with styling hair in Hollywood. He created the Boost to hold volume at the roots and crown without causing build-up on the scalp. The Boost can keep your volume without getting sticky or crunchy. Do you use hot tools? The Boost will protect your hair from intense heat while maintaining hold and bounce. We know our firm-hold root spray will perform better against any other root spray on the market. Do you like to use rollers with your hair for added volume? Set it and forget it with our highly effective, professional-grade, stylist-approved volumizing root thickener.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well and hold 8-10 inches away from hair and spray. For volume, spray onto the base and throughout the layers. Before using a curling iron, spray onto the hair before adding curls or waves. This will protect your hair from the heat as well as make the curls or waves last longer.

Give Your hair a bump!

Do you have long hair? You will love our extra-hold hair thickener that keeps your hair full and bouncy all day and all night. Protects from hot tools and excessive heat while keeping the movement and bounce avoiding the stiff look.

Washes Out So Easy!!

Our effective firm-hold hair thickener will wash out with just one shampoo. Experience a clean styling experience with our climate-friendly, never tested on animals, root spray for men and women.

Holds Through Humidity

The Boost will keep your hair from falling out in the open doors. Our firm-hold root spray will hold through the humidity and hot weather.

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