Best Hairstyling Videos | B. The Product
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How To

How To Get Kim Kardashian Hair

How to get Kim Kardashian hair. Celebrity hairstylist Brandon Martinez shows how to get Kim Kardashian hairstyles on Access Hollywood.

How To Use Dry Shampoo | Rachael Ray Show

Rachael Ray Show profiles B. The Product's Dry Cleaned, Dry Shampoo. The only clear, Dry Shampoo on the market.

How To Cut And Style Hair | Access Hollywood

Learn to cut and style hair with celebrity hairstylist Brandon Martinez on Access Hollywood for Big Sisters makeover.

How To Balayage With Celebrity Colorist Brandon Martinez

Learn How To Balayage with celebrity hairs colorist Brandon Martinez.

How To Balayage With Celebrity Colorist Brandon Martinez | Denver Salon

Learn to Balayage with celebrity hairstylist Brandon Martinez.

How To Style Men's Hair With Waxd


Learn to style men's hair with B. The Product's Waxd.