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B. The Product

Biotin And Vitamin Serum & Treatment

Biotin And Vitamin Serum & Treatment

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Gives Body, Shine & Protection

Benefit from your blowout for the ultimate protection! Prep & protect clean, damp hair for blow-drying with the Biotin & Botanical Fortified Leave-In. Our biotin for hair growth styling cream puts the emphasis on CARE back into haircare! Frizz-defying formula with detangling & smoothing benefits. Achieve manageability, softness, and shine while maintaining a healthy scalp. Protects color vibrancy from fading and works as a shield for heat styling.

Key Benefits


To use as a treatment, apply to the hair after you wash and condition with our Biotin shampoo & conditioner. Start with a dime size and apply from roots to ends and comb through for full saturation. Add more depending on the thickness of your hair. Leave in for 15-20 minutes. It can be used with a plastic bag, under a dryer for more conditioning. To use as a styling serum, when the hair is wet, apply a dime-size from roots to ends, then blow-dry and style as desired. This product will protect your hair from hot tools. B. The Product Biotin treatment is for all hair types. Grow longer, stronger, thicker hair with B. The Product's protecting serum keeps damage away by being heat resistant when straightening. For this hair, it adds volume and thickness to thin, brittle hair that never grows to the length you've always desired and makes it feel like silk. Strengthens the roots internally to create fullness to the base of the hair shaft. For color-treated hair, it helps close and protect the hair shaft from hair color and chemical straighteners. Seals the cuticle for stronger, shinier hair and prevents hair color from fading. Medium to thick hair. Creates body and movement to medium and thick hair while keeping straight. Hair will appear longer and fuller in a shorter amount of time than normal. Biotin shampoo will not make hair grow faster in unwanted areas.

The Complete Hair Growth Serum

Longer, Stronger, Thicker Hair


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