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B. The Product Dry Cleaned | Dry Shampoo

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What it does:

Dry Cleaned is a dry shampoo that is clear, silky and and won’t leave a layer of powder on your scalp. It’s super lightweight and will allow you to go without a traditional shampoo. You can add days on to your blow out with out needing to wash your hair. Usage: Simply spray into or onto wherever you see oiliness. Mostly on the roots and below the nape.

 Created by celebrity hairstylist Brandon Martinez, B. The Product is True Hollywood Hair Care. Developed around Brandon's demanding celebrity clientele, B. The Product delivers red carpet results, while keeping the integrity of the hair. Made In California with the cleanest ingredients to keep you hair healthy, and deliver celebrity worthy results.

Key Features:

  • Sheer, powder free
  • Adds volume to fine hair 
  • 3oz TSA approved


Simply spray into or onto anywhere you see oiliness. You can also spray onto flat areas for more volume. Spray in and work through with your fingers. Bangs behaving badly? Spray onto bangs for a hair reset.